Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I am so excited! Skotlander Rum V (2,200 nautical miles)

Anyone who has been reading this blog for any amount of time knows I don't post press releases. There are a bunch of cool sites that do that or rework the press release into an article. Both are great, but I saw this press release and got so excited. I made some inquiry and I believe there are bottles on the way! This rum is so exciting to me, they make delicious, authentic rum, in a place no one would suspect. And they do it VERY well! For now, I am just going to share the press release, but when I get a bottle I will write a review. This is SUPER limited, you may want to just buy one before you see my review, but I will be as quick as I can; to start you off, there is a link to a review at the bottom.
I am giddy thinking about tasting this rum.

Press release from Skotlander Rum, Denmark:
Danish brand to launch rum matured at sea
Is aging at sea just a marketing stunt or does it really affect the taste? Danish rum producer Skotlander Rum put the myth to the test.
- Actually, we didn't have room for any more barrels in our warehouse, so we had to find alternatives for maturing the rum. The schooner Mira, built in 1889, gave us the opportunity to test the old forgotten tradition,
 says Anders Skotlander, owner of Skotlander Rum.

2,200 nautical miles
The Schooner Mira sailed 2,200 nautical miles with the rum in four old barrels installed in the stem. For two years the rum has been exposed to the Nordic climate with cold winters and warmer summers with a temperature curve from 5 - 30 degrees C.

- The temperatures and the continual movements of the barrels provided by the stormy weathers in the cold North have actually affected the result. Compared to barrels aged on the ground we find that this rum has more softness and yet a distinct character. As a small rum producer in a tiny country this is the kind of rum that help us stand out from the crowd, Anders Skotlander says.

Only 950 bottles
Since this started as an actual experiment and the room on the schooner is very limited, there will only be 950 bottles. The 2,200 nautical miles rum has just been released for sale at 47 % vol. As the only blogger outside Denmark the British The Fat Rum Pirate tasted the rum and gave this review:

- It’s great to see rum producers out there willing to try different things and come up with different ideas to produce their rums. This is a really great rum, Wes Burgin from The Fat Rum Pirate says. 


Please find photos attached here.  
If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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