Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Puerto Angel Blanco

Stolen photo!
Puerto Angel Blanco from Michoacán is another rum from someplace you are likely to not have heard of. Puerto Angel is meticulously crafted from cold-pressed sugarcane that was grown at high elevation in the hills surrounding Michoacán and then naturally fermented with local yeasts according to traditional techniques that were developed in that area in the 1600s. It is double distilled in copper pot stills and rested for 30 days before bottling.
The aromas and flavors of Puerto Angel Blanco show the unique terroir of Uruapan Highlands. 
The nose leads with white cake w/ butter frosting, banana leaves, meringue, banana cake, orchard blossoms, lemon, banana candy, basically, a lot of banana, and fresh floral fragrances, it smells delicious.
The taste, wow the taste! The aromas imply a sweetness that is only perceived on the palate, the flavors follow with a dry demonstration in a creamy, buttery, supple mouthfeel that shows a provocative natural sweetness. 
The finish lingers and restates the flavors and aromas with the tingle of clean alcohol.
Very very nice.
I'm excited I get to talk about this rum on Cinco de Mayo at Rum Rhum Club. We will be doing this one the aged offering and Paranubes++.
I will try to write a bit about each of them this week too.
This is different than the previous offering that was from Oaxaca

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