Monday, April 1, 2019

Kura Malt Okinawan Whiskey

Kura Okinawan Pure Malt Whisky distilled at the Helios distillery in Okinawa Japan.
Statement on the back of the box
So I held off doing this review because I was waiting for information from The Distillery or the Importer representative that I know and I just never got an answer-back. So I'm going to taste the whiskey and tell you what I taste. If you need to know all the specific details email me and I'll speculate for you but I'm not going to put it in print on the internet.

On the nose, it is reminiscent of the lighter single malts from the Highland area (maybe Tobermory, with the fruitiness of Balblair), there is some peat influence, but it also reminds me of Irish single malts because of the pastry notes and fruit character. Back to the aromas, you get creamy malt, toasty greens, oily citrus, the slightest whiff of char, supple baked fruit pies--like a peach pocket pie and fluffy spices, delicate, simple, lovely oak spices.
The flavor shows all of the Aromas particularly now, cleanly with a definite uptick on the Smoky characteristic, not in a bad way, very light, very delicate, elegant with a nice rich, oily mouth feel.
The Finish is clean and relatively short for how much flavor there was but the aftertaste causes a tingly and fresh lingering, so I'm going to add that to the evaluation of the finish and make it more about the aftertaste. It is flavorsome and flirtatious, so good it has me salivating wanting more.
I'm going to go ahead and highly recommend this. Any fan of Suntory or Nikka products will find something of comprable quality. This is obviously its own thing and it has its own flavors but the quality is comprable and who doesn't love a little variation on a great thing.
So I really don't know the age statement I know that it's aged in American Oak and then finished in Japanese rum casks so we know that much. I've heard different times on the internet that's why I was checking with the Distillery to get solid figures to offer, but personally to me it doesn't matter. As long as it's delicious, I don't care if it's an hour old or if its 100 years old. This is delicious so there.
>On the side note if it's a hundred years old, it is going to be way more expensive -especially if it's delicious- because evaporation but that's a whole other discussion.<

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