Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy Anniversary! Happy New Year! Happy~Happy!

Well happy anniversary to 'a drink with Forrest!'
That's right, it is the 10th anniversary of 'a drink with Forrest'. Thank you, all of my friends and followers. You are appreciated. I have big plans for this year, but first, I want to say~~
That's right, I made this online. . . and it shows!
What else would I do on the 10th anniversary besides freshening it up? I have gone through to remove a couple hundred posts and the posts that have remained are also still up for editing, revision, and possible deletion.
The better news is I have decided and made a commitment to myself to change the way I handle this blog. Originally, I would write reviews as bottles were given to me, occasionally offering my own bottles up to be reviewed. Then I started having an internal dilemma, thinking to myself "wow they're getting free press and I didn't even get a drink"; this didn't make sense at all, because the blog is called 'a drink with Forrest'.
If you have followed through the years you've noticed that when I started the blog I was writing 3 or 4 times a week and eventually it got to be less than once a month. Rather than penalize my devoted readers I have decided to submit an article a week at least. It will be a post in essay form, conversational in tone, and it will basically reflections of things I'm experiencing, contemplating, interested in, etcetera. Essentially, it will be like having 'a drink with Forrest'.
If I start getting free bottles for review again I will still throw those in on top of this weekly article but the article will come no matter what.
To begin this practice, I'm going to call this Happy Anniversary post my first offering of the New Year. I don't know about you guys but I'm excited for 2019.
To be frank with you the last few years have not been pleasant. Actually, they have been deeply unpleasant. I am excited about the possibilities that 2019 represents. I'm excited for the chance to have musings with all of you, in the form of these letters/articles/missives to all of you, my lovelies in the blogosphere, on a weekly appointment.

So until next week, I lift my glass to you in a toast my friends. Be good to one another, love one another, share your kindness, your sweetness, and possibly a beverage with someone. Happy New Year from'a drink with Forrest'!

*To toast you, I am sipping a Don Pedro Brandy, in anticipation of a review/article I am going to do.

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