Saturday, June 2, 2018

Skotlander Rum V 2,200 SØMIL

It has been a struggle to save this much, to share again.
The background is a sweater my mom made for me.
As promised in this post, here is a review of Skotlander Rum V 2,200 SØMIL.
First things first, I did not know that SØMIL was a Nautical mile, I learned that from the Fat Rum Pirate (check out his review on this rum.)
Here are some details: Skotlander Handcrafted Rum V 2,200 SØMIL begins as fermented Sugar Cane Molasses; after ferment, it is distilled in Copper Pot Stills. The distillate is moved into four ex-Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks and placed on a Schooner called Mira and sails around aging at sea for 2,200 SØMIL, which, I understand, takes about 20 months. Important to mention, there are 0 additives, it is not chill filtered, and there is no added color in this rum.
O.K., now onto the tasting.
The aromas begin with so much cinnamon with back-notes of other baking spices like ginger while toasted filbert, brown bread with molasses, deep caramel, and desiccated apples
build a sumptuous support structure.
The mouth-feel comes in supple and creamy then resolves to crisp fresh spices. The flavors show plum, apricot, and baked apples, but the star is the multifarious complexities of the spices; it is so beautiful.
The Finish lingers with a sapid sweetness and the spices that keep you smacking your lips and invites you to drink more.

I have met Anders and the team, on several occasions, they are the kindest, most wonderful, cheerful people you ever get the opportunity to meet.
But this rum, this rum is magnificent. It is difficult to convey how impressive the level of innovation, attention-to-detail, quality and sheer beauty of this expression is inspiring. Sure, it was a happy accident. Yes, they needed more space to age rum and thought. "Why not age on a boat?","They used to ship rum all around on boats.","Let's see how it tastes!"; I say they have a winner!
I feel so lucky that I got this bottle; it is super limited, and it's not available in the US, so I have shared it as much as I could. If you see it anywhere make sure you try some and tell me what you think.
Skotlander Rum will be at The Rum Renaissance June 9 & 10, check them out. Also, I can't make it again this year so go drink all the rum for me.

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