Sunday, May 13, 2018

Levon Le Magnifique V.S.O.P.

Levon Le Magnifique, as I said, is an interesting story.

Rather than repeat all of that stuff, here are some key points:
Levon Le Magnifique is a 'Fine Champagne' Cognac. So at least 50% of the eau de vie in the blend is Grande Champagne, with the rest being made up of Petit Champagne.
The minimum age for a V.S.O.P. is 4 years, but we know that there is Eau de vie in this blend that is much older.

As you can tell from the picture I stole from the website, this V.S.O.P. just won Double Gold at SanFrancisco World Spirits Comp. While I don't know about that, this cognac is definitely fantastic.

I was with a friend when I received this bottle and, well, we opened it to try it. Both of us were floored at how delicious this V.S.O.P was, especially at $45-$55 price range.

The first aromas are supple, ripe fruits, vanilla, caramel, flowers, spices, leather and cut wood. Immediately approachable, friendly and enticing. 
After a sip and in for the second sniff, the scents conveyed a depth that showed a range inviting complex spices, sumptuous tree fruits, and lovely blossoms in a wonderful balance.
The flavors carry these aromas like flags in a parade in a rich mouthfeel that highlights the big fruits and sprinkles spiced pastry nuances throughout to maintain the intriguing balance.
The finish is layered, lingering, complex, with an aftertaste that begs to try it all over again.
This is excellent cognac, a lovely V.S.O.P. that Levon Le Magnifique should be very proud of. I highly recommend trying this at your earliest opportunity.


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