Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ron Cartavio

I've struggled with this review for no good reason for so long it is driving me mad.
The rum is fantastic, I enjoy every expression. My problem is that every-time I start to write something, I cruise around the web a bit and see that my friends have already written something similar, they have been to the distillery, have a million cooler photos and all I can really do is pile up another mountain of verbiage.
So here is an idea, I am going to tell you I think this rum is very tasty, an absolute pleasure for me to share and I am going to introduce you to some of my web friends so you can see how eloquently they have written about it!
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Head to Rob's Rum and put Cartavio in the search window.  Rob's Rum
My very good friend Nicholas Feris had something to say! The Rum Collective
Check out what Chris has to say and his extensive photos from Peru. Spirits Reveiw
My pal Dave covers 3 expressions, links below . The Rum Gallery
Matt gets detailed! Cocktail Wonk
Paul Senf and Margerat Ayala also gave a lovely write up the XO. GOT RUM?
Josh does a great job here! Inuakena

Here is the Ekeko > web page.

Also, check out Tastings, don't know these guys, but they do a really good job. Plus, they have links to reviews of each rum if you scroll down the page. ****Side note, my 2 favorite to 'regularly' enjoy are the 2 lowest rated.
Distiller has a review for the XO here,  and the 12 Solera here.

I don't think I know the Lone Caner, but I like his style. Lone Caner

Sorry if I forgot to include anyone. Email me, PM me or text me and I'll add you to the list!

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