Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kirk & Sweeney Rum 12 Year

3 Badges (formerly 35 Maple St) has done a wonderful thing in bringing us Kirk and Sweeney Rum. The name refers to a famous rum-running schooner that worked the Caribbean during Prohibition (the story is here... ), but more important to me is that K&S is a lovely, intense rum that show a side of Dominican rum not often seen.

This rum is from the legendary Bermudez distillery, in the Dominican Republic. Not often seen in the US, Bermudez has been a mainstay and a stalwart in the DR since the 1850's.

At 12 years old, this is classic, well-aged Dominican rum.
The aroma shows vanilla, cane honey, toasty oak nuances, delicate dried fruits and caramel with earthy undertones.
The flavors build on the aromas and evolve in complexity to includes elegant baking spices. All of this builds boldly to finish that is rich, gentle and sumptuous.

All of this and it is presented in a lovely bottle. A bottle I find to be too heavy and hard to pour, but every time I complain about it to someone they say: "it looks so pretty / handsome /regal"--Whatever, it is pretty, but it's heavy and hard to pour.
Great rum, check it out.
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