Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tanqueray Bloomsbury

I'll be honest with you, I am a huge fan of gin and all the wonderful ones that are introduced are always fun to try. The company that I hate to admit that always knocks it out of the park is Tanquerey. Anyone who reads this rambling blog knows I usually try to focus on people who don't get enough love, but doggone it Tanqueray has done it again. This Bloomsbury is delicious. All of their limited editions have been fantastic and Bloomsbury follows suit. What can I say that hasn't already been said about it--nothing. Try it if you get a chance, Tanqueray Bloomsbury makes a stunning Martini and if you happen to be the stock up and hoard type, you might want to grab a couple.

Here are some links to others commentary on it:
My buddy Matt wrote about it here (click on the awesome quote): "My first reaction when hearing about “Bloomsbury” was wondering if it was a mashup of Bloom County and Doonesbury. Opus the Penguin and Uncle Duke crafting a gin? Yes! Yes!"