Monday, March 16, 2015

Miami Rum Renaissance 2015!

It is only a couple of weeks away, but you can still make it!
Every year I go and it is always one of the highlights of my year.

There is a competition going right now and everyone wins, but you could win big! It is called "Name That Rum". Basically, there are pictures of 3 Rum Label and you guess the brand names, check it out here:
Play "Name That Rum" right now.

Oh the discount tickets are filling in fast at the host hotel and Friday is the last day (if they don't run out first), so go here "to get your Discounted Hotel Rooms for Miami Rum Festival".

I know I gush every year about how great this event is, but this year I am just going to post some links and let you see for yourself.

Here is a cool video by the legendary Jochen Hirschfeld:
Want to see how much fun?
Quite a lot here also . .
There are going to be so many new rums from all over:
This year Rum Fest is happening in conjunction with Miami Cocktail Week!
Too many photos, too many stories, you'll have just come on by!

I hope I see you there!