Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whiskey Wednesday: Cyrus Noble & Water

I was checking my Twitter yesterday the Cyrus Noble Twitter posted this: "I'd say something simple, classic and perfect sounds great right now... How about with water on the rocks. " and that has been lingering with me. I love "simple & classic"! I love Whiskey and water! It just falls into one of those "why mention it" categories, but the minimalistic beauty is undeniable and it is warm where I am; very warm. Easy delicious and refreshing sounds great to me right now. The recipe:

Cyrus Noble & Water

2 1/2 - 3 oz Cyrus Noble Bourbon
3 oz Water

Fill 8 oz glass with ice (*or see ideas below), pour in Cyrus Noble Bourbon and top will cool, clean water.

So some fun, easy adaptations:
1] Use frozen fruit instead of ice. (I used frozen Mango chunks...)
2] Use iced tea, iced herbal tea, sparkling water or whatever you fancy.
---When I add things with different flavor I change the name. as in: Cyrus Noble & Water made with iced tea would be: Cyrus Noble & Tea...

Have fun and stay cool!

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