Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tequila Tuesday: NOM 1580 Destiladora El Paraiso

Well I have returned from my trip to Jalisco and as promised, here are some pictures from my trip. I am going to break these up into 3 posts, so they will be less confusing. The first distillery was NOM 1580 Destiladora El Paraiso, S.A. de C.V.. I wrote up the tequila here, so if you want some refresher info just click.

Here are some pictures...

 These are a couple shots of the agave fields, but I took dozens.

Below is my buddy Aaron checking out one of the Hornos. 
They cut the agaves and remove the bitter cogollo from the center before roasting them.

The roast is achieved by no-pressure steam and they bake the agave for 6 hours to clean them and make sure any foreign matter and all of the bitter wax is rinsed off; then roasting continues for 30 more hours with a 6 hour cool down afterwards.

After roasting and cool down they are sent through this shredder. 

Then they are set to ferment with their proprietary yeast strain.

                  After fermentation it is distilled first in a stainless steel pot still and second distillation occurs in a copper pot still.

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