Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tequila Tuesday: Sombrero

We are back with another recipes from the 'Cafe Royal' cocktail book, by W.J. Tarling, but first another terrific quote from the preface describing the neighborhood of his bar:

"It has been a 
pageant of contemporary affairs that has never ceased to go on, the multi-coloured, inimitable essence of the time which found its stage on the sophisticated ground of Regent Street. For it was to the Circus and Quadrant that people returned from the ends of the world, seeking there renewed glimpses of the most vivid of life as it was being lived."

This 'Tequila Tuesday' the beverage we will make is an amazing evening cocktail of classic form
, with a fantastic name. The recipe looks like this:


2 Oz ArteNOM 1580 Blanco
3/4 Oz Italian Vermouth (sweet)
3/4 Oz French Vermouth (dry)

Tarling says to shake, but I say stir with ice till very cold, strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Express a lemon peel on top for oils.
Use as garnish or discard

I adjusted the amount of tequila up from the original recipe. It tastes better when the tequila proportions are raised. I mentioned this before, but this make sense when you take into account that the tequila Tarling was using was probably 'at least' 90 proof.