Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday: Nor Cal Toddy

I was laying bed, it was chilly and I could not sleep; naturally I started thinking of toddy recipes.

This is super straight forward and very tasty, I call it the "Nor-Cal Toddy". I will explain after the recipe.

Nor-Cal Toddy

Build in heated cup:
1 1/2 Oz Cyrus Noble Bourbon
3/4 Oz Torani Amer

Add 2-3 Oz Hot water
Garnish with an orange zest, mint sprig, cinnamon-they all would be great. I just used an orange zest.

First off, Torani Amer is an aperitif made in the style of Amer Picon, a French style amaro with flavors of bitter orange, gentian, cinchona bark and a tiny twist of mint; all of these flavors play wonderfully with bourbon.

OK now to explain the name. . . Torani Amer is made in San Jose (Northern California) and Cyrus Noble Bourbon is "Born inKentucky and raised in San Francisco." (also in 
Northern California). Hilarious... two ingredients that are not normally associated with Northern California to make a 'Nor-Cal Toddy'.
When it gets a little warmer, I am got to try this out as a cocktail; it is good.

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