Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tequila Tuesday: Fuenteseca Tequila

OK I know it is Thursday, but I wanted to write about this as soon as it was unleashed and not a second earlier / later. This is very limited, very rare tequila, it is: Fuenteseca Tequila (seriously click the link, the details are worth the read). I have already been all over the interwebs talking about this tequila. 

So for my blog I will keep it succinct. First some photographic proof. Up close photos of these minis of Fuenteseca Tequila the 9, 12 and 18 year aged expressions. 

This picture is proof of my tasting methodology. Ideally, I use a specific measure, in a variety of glasses to try spirits, in a neutral room / space and I try them each over a variety of times next to & against each other for depth of experience. I say ideally because it does not always work out that way, but I think that if you put the time in, when you can, it still informs your observation when conditions are not optimal. A clean room, clean glasses and a clean palate, plus plenty of sniffing, time and as much attention as you can give.

To add another layer of 'depth' to this experience I have also poured a measure of Purasangre AƱejo to use as a 'control'.

Full disclaimer: I did not think aging a tequila this long was possible. At the very least I thought it wasn't a great idea. I was wrong. Clearly Enrique Fonseca knows more about this sort of thing than I do.

Fuenteseca Tequila 9 Year:
Aromas of flint, under ripe citrus, minerals, apple, nutmeg, yam and canella build with air to include baking chocolate, Mahogany, roasted pecans and blossoms.

The flavors reveal the aromas with riper fruit and creamier mouth feel than the nose implied (still dry to medium) that carry the spice as layers.

The finish takes over with a seamlessly integrated transition to spice and oak that lingers voluptuously.

The key to this is enjoying the transition. It begins tight, deliberate and focused and builds to supple, sapid baked agave.

Fuenteseca Tequila 12 Year:
Aromas of fruit crates, straw, cut red apple,  jellied cinnamon drops, jicama, honeycomb with time it show these tones in a creamy melange.

The flavor displays the aromas but way more vibrant, engaging, awake and fruit forward with considerably more flowers; wow.

The finish is soft with creamy fruit blossoms and delicate spice that meanders in a peaceful fade.

Again the key to enjoying this is time. 

Fuenteseca Tequila 18 Year:
Aromas begin with complex eucalyptus, granny smith, hyssop and magnificent baking spices along with fruit leather, caraway, green fennel, caramel and fresh cut wood.

The flavors articulate the scents in a candied deliberation with elegant spices and unbelievable structure.

The finish is forever lip smacking goodness and vital layers of flavor that keep on going and going.

The reality of this is you will have to take the time. The flavor keeps coming and coming & going and going it is as if you are on a journey and it is driving.

It seems funny to me that the 9 Year aromas were tight and the flavors creamy and the 12 Years aromas were creamy and supple with the flavors being more vivacious, while the 18 Year just blew my mind.

Well if you can find it and afford it I recommend the Fuenteseca Tequila especially if you are a fan of 'aged' spirits or if you are looking for that perfect gift . . .
There are also some blends of different ages that are limited offerings at places like K & L and Binny's --I have tasted K & L's . . .it was outstanding, but they come and then go.

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