Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tequila Tuesday: Black Rose

Well sometimes inspiration hits at the darnedest spot; I saw this post on twitter as a re-tweet from @FernetVallet of a conversation between @DocPop & @WestofPecos and I was immediately intrigued. But it slipped my mind and then poof! It appeared on the Fernet & Amargo VALLET facebook page just in time to peek my interest again.
Black Rose
Created and served at West of Pecos

2 oz Purasangre AƱejo
3/4 oz apple shrub
1/4 oz Fernet VALLET
2 dash Fee Brothers black walnut bitters

This drink can be built in the glass and stirred, but shake it and then strain it over fresh ice.
Garnish with lemon twist.

** Quick, easy, delicious apple shrub:
1/3 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Bragg)
1/3 Cup Clement Sirop de Canne
 (Maple or Honey Syrup also)
1 Apple (I used a Fuji, but whatever)
Dash allspice

Slice the apple to the core (discard core), drop all ingredients into a a food processor, puree till smooth and voila!

You can simmer it to integrate the flavors if desired--I don't.

This is a lovely cocktail with fun elegance and lingering depth, nice to sip with a meal or before.

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