Monday, December 9, 2013

Mezcal Monday: A tale of 2 Mina Real's

Here is the story of 2 Mina Real's: First off, I wrote up Mina Real Silver here... and I wrote up Mina Real Reposado here..., click for more details on each.

This story depends a lot on those reviews, but I will try to encapsulate it into this post alone. The story begins like any other story, some adventurous type get an idea, starts to plan to execute it then a well meaning friend jumps into the middle and tries to help almost destroying everything. But, miraculously, it all works out in the end.

Nice concept, here is how it played out: My Bar Wizard friend Steve Garcia, the Bar Manager at Pie Society, had a little barrel that had recently been aging rye whiskey & cherries (yum!) and it was empty so he was going to fill it with Mina Real Silver+??. While he was trying to come up with the perfect combo the time for his family trip came up so he went to the mid-west to visit family still planning the next step in this exciting concept.

Upon returning, vision in hand, from an invigorating visit with his family he found that his barrel had been filled . . . with straight mezcal. What to do? Do you take some out and put the other in? Do you wait and see? Is it ruined? WHAT DO YOU DO?

***This is a definite problem for me. I would check those barrel so often that by the time it was perfect, it would be almost empty. Little barrels scare me; to much can happen so quick.

Steve, being a much more patient man than I decided to "Wait and see".

That is the back story, this is the story...

I went in to taste the Mina Real Silver aged in a little oak barrel that had previously had Rye & cherries in it after it had been resting 'around a month'. Also, as a control, I brought some of the bottled Mina Real Repsado as a 'control' to taste side by side. Here is my experience:

This side by side was accompanied by a couple of bartenders and a lucky customer. We were all completely impressed.
Between the 2 you could easily pick out the familial structure, but the Mina Real Repsado was quieter, more controlled, layered and creamy. While the Pie Society Mina Real was fresh, fruity, boldly spiced, intricate and evolved with the layers revealing something different at every stage of the experience. The Pie Society Mina Real really was a delectable adventure.

All of us tasters agreed that both were very lovely expressions, each of us loving both but preferring one over the other (as if they were our children...). This is all understandable and good, but Mina Real Repsado is not going away, Pie Society Mina Real is a limited offering. It may be replicated, but it will not be duplicated so if you are in or around Costa Mesa you stop in at 
Pie Society and try some before it is gone.

This tale is a testament to great products, in the hands of imaginative 
bartenders and establishments that trust them enough to let them try something new.

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