Monday, December 23, 2013

Mezcal Monday: Armadillo Toddy

 'Mixology Monday' 
This Mezcal Monday is another simulcast with Mixology Monday! This month 'Mixology Monday' is hosted by Nick of The Straight Up blog and the theme is anise:

So of course I was thinking mezcal and it is cooler outside so how about a nice toddy? To bring the anise component, I am utilizing a Colombian anise liqueur called 
Aguardiente (specifically Antioqueño Aguardiente); it is rum based, lightly sweet and richly flavored with clean anise--fits the bill perfectly. The name is referencing an animal that is indigenous and still prevalent in all of the countries represented in the ingredients, I give you the Armadillo Toddy, here is the recipe:

Armadillo Toddy

Build in a warmed mug
1 1/2 Oz Mezcal
 Don Amado-Rustico
3/4 oz Antioqueño Aguardiente
1/4 Lemon (squeeze it hard and drop the whole thing in)
4 Oz Strong Yerba Mate
1 Tablespoon of honey
Stir until fully integrated.

Start by boiling some water. Set the Yerba Mate to steep for at least 3 minute and fill the mug with boiling water to warm it up. Then just follow the direction above.

The smoke and anise flavors go fantastically together with the Yerba Mate, lemon and honey adding lovely and complimentary layers.

I want to thank our host for MxMo this month, Nick of The Straight Up blog and for this great idea.

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