Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday: A Study . . .

It is Whiskey Wednesday.  I started off reading a post that-wasn't 'complete'. First off let me tell you that I love Bourbon and Banter! The website, the content . . . it is all good .
This post misses and missteps on a 'couple of things', but . . .  .
I am a web pirate, so here is the image . . . but do check them out! They are awesome.

Live, I will go deeper on this subject, but my typing skills . . ..
So there are 3 [primary] constituents to 'wood' aging . . . 
1.Wood impact (everyone knows this--the flavor of the wood is added!).
2. Evaporate Concentration . . . (most people get this- something evaporates and what is left concentrates.)
3. Reactive Oxidation! This is tougher . . . Time changes everything.. Think of it this way: Cut Apple / Banana--color change; but the flavor changes too! The acid breaks down. The flavors lean toward soft & creamy even though they are loaded with grain and tannic oak.

OK. . . We covered that.

Before I go to to deep--I need to know that you want to know this and of course I am drinking Cyrus Noble Bourbon!

Tell me! I will tell/answer whatever.

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