Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday: Bour-Tea

For "Whiskey Wednesdays" this week I am going to show you one of my favorite drinks: the Bour-Tea (pronounced 'Berty') cocktail. Without one bit of direction I bet that you all have already figured out the recipe . . .Bourbon and tea. Using a bourbon like Cyrus Noble is perfect and any brown to black tea works great. Green tea was not great white works good it is just so subtle you need to use way more in the drink. I usually make a big pot of tea and just have it around, sun tea, slow brew, by the cup --are all fine. I don't add suger to mine but the recipe that follows will include a measurement. I find the bourbon is sweet enough. This drink works great before, during or after a meal, on the patio, when friends come by, by the pitcher in a punch bowl with sliced seasonal fruit... however. 

Here it is, enjoy!:

2 Oz Cyrus Noble Bourbon
3 Oz Brewed tea
1/2-1 Oz Simple Syrup

Build in pint glass over ice, shake all ingredients and return to the pint glass.
2 dashes aromatic bitters, lemon wedge, mint... whatever you feel like.

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