Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tequila Tuesday: Lapis Añejo

For this Tequila Tuesday we are going to enjoy a Lapis Añejo Tequila and frankly, it is hard to find any facts about the tequila that completely agree, so I will just taste it.

The aromas show a grand range of varied and evolving scents. The first aromatic impression is of creamy, roasted agave, roasted nuts, rose hips, dried orange zest, cinnamon, dark chocolate, caramelized honey and toasty vanilla. These complex aromas are more evident after the first sip, but are a very nice invitation to take the first taste.

The initial taste does not reveal all of the nuances implied in the nosing. It begins with clean, fruit, agave, yams and dark roasted pecans (one person called it smoky . . . I could see that)--which sounds like a lot, but they are very delicate.

Doesn't this look brown? The bottle is blue.
When the first sipping is re-informed by another nosing and then turned into a full taste, not only were the tempting aromas amplified, but it seems that the palate is now attenuated to the delicate layers flavor.
The mouth feel has an oily richness and to follow the first impressions those flavor are there, and more deliberate. Those flavors are also joined with the tastes that were implied by the aromas. The range of these flavor seem to be unified by a creamy/toasty vanilla, and a smoky chocolate. The overall effect is very nice.

The finish lingers, everything making a slow fade, the oak, the nuts, the fruit, vanilla, spice and cocoa all patiently slipping away.
Then the after taste is another surprise-creamy agave and a cooling almost 'mint' note.
Lapis Añejo is a definite treat, something to sip slowly and to savor. The big mistake you could make is not giving this tequila the time. Though an easy sipper and enjoyable, with patience there is a lot to enjoy.

Try this tequila neat at room temperature.

Lapis Añejo just won a Gold at the 2013 Craft Spirits Award . . .

This is the facebook page for the distillery that makes Lapis . . .
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