Monday, November 11, 2013

Mezcal Monday: La Palabra

This is an apertif style cocktail that is loosely based on the 'Last Word' (a classic that emerged from prohibition that was reintroduced into cocktail consciousness by Murray Stenson).
This variation exchanges the gin with mezcal and the maraschino liqueur with an orange liqueur. Generally, when I change 2 key ingredients it is a whole new thing, but this drink does remind me of the joy of drinking a 'Last Word', it does have Chartreuse in it and everyone on the Internets that mention it make the same connection so maybe Ted Kilpatrick, from No. 9 Park in Boston, (who created the drink) said that it was his intention; it is a delicious drink, with a similar structure and it has a great name that translates into "The Word", so I guess that is all the references we need.
Several minor variations between my version and Ted's: 1. I use equal parts as measurement (like the 'Last Word'); 2. I use Don Amado Rustico for my mezcal (I prefer it to the one he listed); 3. I used Clement Creole Shrub for the Orange Liqueur. Ted used Combier, which is fantastic, but I like the dimension of the Creole Shrub, the hints of clove, cinnamon and vanilla add another layer of depth. So here is how it looks:

Adapted from a recipe from Ted Kilpatrick of No. 9 Park

1 Oz Don Amado Rustico
1 Oz Green Chartreuse
1 Oz Clement Creole Shrub
1 Oz lime juice

Put ingredients into
 cocktail shaker add ice. Shake well. Strain into cocktail glass.

This drink is complex, deep, lingering and yet not challenging. Definitely something to savor with time in anticipation of a meal, or even afterwords when unwinding. One warning . . . do have some food, time in between, take a cab {or all of the above} this is a strong drink.

Another thing: I was trying out a new shaker called a "COBALT" that basically has teeth to crack the ice as you shake. It works like they say, and the drink does get really cold, but I had to double strain the cocktail to achieve clarity. I am going to be doing more tests and will keep you posted. If want to check them out click COBALT, and if you end up wanting to buy one use the code 'COBALT20' to get $20 dollars off.

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