Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tequila Tuesday: Matador

We continue our celebration of recipes from the 'Cafe Royal' cocktail book, by W.J. Tarling with this delectable treat, but first another terrific quote from the preface describing the theater of a well healed local, where the patron feel 'at home':

"And all the wit was not necessarily verbal, nor all the talk about painting and poetry. Every genius has its own ways of expression. Like the wronged young lady who turned on the man in the case and showed her skill at fencing with the end of her parasol, to be desperately warded off with a walking cane. Or the two Oriental beauties who arrived with serpents round their necks instead at the conventional feather boas. All was not wild melodrama or extravagant fantasy, they were interludes."

This 'Tequila Tuesday' the beverage we will make is an amazing evening cocktail of classic form
, with a fantastic name. The recipe looks like this:


1 1/2 Oz ArteNOM 1580 Blanco
1 Oz Orange Curacao (I used Clement Creole Shrub)
1 Oz French Vermouth (Dolin Dry)

Tarling says to shake, but I say stir with ice till very cold, strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Also in the original recipe it calls for equal parts of each. While this is an enjoyable beverage, it tastes superior when the tequila proportions are raised. This only make sense when you take into account that the tequila Tarling was using was probably 'at least' 90 proof.