Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sipping Sunday!: RON Navazos Palazzi

A treasure, a treat, a blessing--something new . . . 'Sipping Sunday!' for when I have something special to share and it is not Monday - Thursday!

So, in 'Thirsty Thursday #5' (click to read) I tasted an amazing Spanish Brandy, the 2013 Navazos-Palazzi Single Cask release: Jerez Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Fino Cask (click for details...). If you read that you know I have a soft spot for that style of spirits and it was with excitement and anticipation that I prepared to try RON Navazos Palazzi.

RON Navazos Palazzi is aged for 5+ years where it was is distilled, in ex-bourbon barrels before being transported to Spain and transferred into fresh Oloroso Sherry barrels to rest for another 10+ years. That is where it sat, resting, aging, maturing and evolving. When it was discovered by Navazos Palazzi (who were out hunting for more brandy) they tasted it and they knew they had something special and need to release it.

As in all of their offerings, this rum is completely --un-manipulated, no additives, unfiltered-- eau natural. It is bottled that way to ideally demonstrate the most honest expression of what has been achieved in this very long process, to display all that time, craft and wood has offered to this rum.

The aroma is filled with baked pecans, cedar, caramelized honey, mahogany, roasted almonds, baking chocolate, dates, dried mission fig, prunes, baking spice. baked quince, dried Persimmon and reveals a multitude of varied nuance at each sniff.

The palate is surprisingly dry, especially considering the rich and lyrical flavor. The full mouth-feel shows evolved spice that is structured, layered and interwoven with dried fruits, leather and tea in an immaculate demonstration.

The finish is clean and brisk with a lingering aftertaste of dried fruits, deeply extracted tea, nuts, cooking chocolate and baking spice.

This is AMAZING rum. It is nowhere near as sweet as you would expect but it has even more intricate depth and beautiful complexity than you could hope for.   

Enjoy it neat, in a proper glass--preferably with a friend.
This, like all of the Navazos Palazzi are limited; there will other lots, but once this offering is gone. . . it is gone (click to join their email list).