Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday #12: Bourbon & Honey Toddy

Whiskey Wednesday #12, here we are again! Well it wasn't cold today, but it is cooler than it has been for a long time and I just wanted to have a Hot Toddy, so here it is:

Bourbon & Honey Toddy

1 1/2 Oz Cyrus Noble Bourbon 3/4 Oz Ron Miel
1 tea bag (Black or Brown and I like my tea strong so I used 2)

4 Oz Boiling water. 
Place the Cyrus Noble Bourbon and the Ron Miel in a coffee mug add the boiling water (usually you should use off boiling water to make tea, but since this is 1/3 Room temp and 2/3 boiling it is perfect.).

You can add a lemon wedge if you like-I don't. Adjust the sweetness by adding / subtracting the portions of Ron Miel. If you don't like tea . .this is excelent with just hot water and whatever spice you want to add-nutmeg, cinnamon-it is up to you.

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