Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tequila Tuesday #10: Purasangre Reposado

Today is Tequila Tuesday and today we will look at Purasangre Reposado (click for more info)

The aromas are intricately spiced, peppercorns, dried herbs, baked agave, oak, grilled pineapple and dried fruits. The scents seem to be lead by earth, minerals and spice.
The flavors enter with the fruit dominating--smoke mango, grilled tropical fruits and dried orange zest build to resolve at a merging of the fruit and the spice. It seems almost as if the nose and palate reverse their roles. The nose leads with spice and resolves to fruits. The palate leads with fruits and resolve onto spices. Either way it is very lovely.
The finish is a balanced demonstration of both that delicately fades.
This is fantastic tequila--big, bold, layered, complex and completely interesting.
I recommend this neat, with a sangrita or in a well thought out cocktail to strut its stuff.

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