Monday, September 2, 2013

Mezcal Monday #9: Mina Real Reposado

Mina Real Repsado is from a traditional Oaxacan palenque with an 11 generation history of distillers creating mezcal with nothing but all natural ingredients and expert technique.
I wrote up Mina Real Silver in Mezcal Monday #1 (click for more info) the reposado start the exact same way and then in put into barrels that have previously held brady and rested (that's is what 'reposado' means) for a short period of time.In this period several things occur: 1. Oak impact; the flavors of the barrel--the wood--are introduced to the mezcal and marry. 2. Evaporative concentration; some of the liquid evaporates and the remaining liquid is concentrated. 3. Reactive oxidation; the oils, acids, proteins-etc, change under the influence of time merge and evolve into something new.

This definitely from the same cut as Mina Real SilverThe aroma shows roasted peppers (bell & poblano), dried fruits, fried bread, dried nuts, oxidized mango (especially the flesh that you gnaw off of the seed), carnauba wax, layered-earthy minerals and kilned ceramics.
In a creamy mouth feel the flavors begin at the aromas but build quickly to shaved Mexican chocolate and milk chocolate, smoke dried tropical fruit and --for lack of a better term- salt (specifically Himalayan Pink Salt). These all deliberate in a supple structure that is sweet, iterate and vivacious.
The finish shows flashes of the flavors/aromas with the creaminess cleanly dawdling.

This is wonderful mezcal to sip neat--especially if you have an unbeliever with you to share it. A tip: Let it sit a second before you sniff it. It come off a bit brusk if you sniff right after you pour--and that is not the case at all when you re-approach.

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Tune in next week for Mezcal Monday and I will show you a few cocktails with Mina Real Reposado.

You can also check out and follow Mina Real on Facebook here, and on twitter here. Special thanks to their importer Haas Brothers.

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