Monday, September 16, 2013

Mezcal Monday #11: Amado Miel

Well it is Mezcal Monday #11 and this week we are making another drink with Don Amado Rustico.
This drink is about contemplation. It is deep, slightly sweet and layered. The flavor constructs are this:  Don Amado Rustico (click to read my tasting notes) and Ron Miel--a luscious honey rum from the Canary Islands. Actually, I am going to call the drink: Amado Miel. That is more versatile, fluid and catchy. But you all know the secret inspirations for this drink.

Amado Miel
1 1/2 Oz Ron Miel
1 Oz Don Amado Rustico
1/2 Oz Orange juice  

Throughly chill and strain into a chilled glass.
Garnish with whatever you have to represent nice memories.. . .
Click the link to see more Mezcal Monday! You can also check out and follow Don Amado on Facebook here, and on twitter here ...  Special thanks to their importer Haas Brothers.