Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thirsty Thursday #8: The Fail . . .

Wow, it is 8:30PM I have been so busy, I wanted to skip this . . but for you folks I will do 'what I can"...

I am so "Thirsty"this Thursday . . . and since it is so late. I will call this drink - - The Fail. Not because it isn't delicious, but more because it took me till now to post it.

The Fail

2 Oz Cyrus Noble Bourbon
3/4 Oz Emperor Norton Absinthe
1/2 Oz Mandarine Napoleon

A dash of bitters (whatever is closest, I used Bitter Truth Old Fashioned Bitters )

Stir with ice and fine strain into an old fashioned glass with 1 ice cube.

Yes, that is me drinking this drink, it is "Thirsty Thursday"

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Sorry for the late post . . .I hope it finds all of you well!

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