Monday, December 2, 2013

Thirsty Thursday #4 . . . We made it!

So today is "Thirsty Thursday" and it happens to be #4. . .. Wow, we must be thirsty!
This morning I woke up and could not think of anything else besides my latest trip to Oaxaca . . .

I have done so many tastings since then and everyone asks: "What is the best way to try Mezcal?"

I know we are are all professionals, but some people need a combo . . . a pairing . . . a cocktail . . ..

The best match I have ever found for Mezcal is an orange slice.

So this "Thirsty Thursday" is my 'state side' pour . . . (if the customer is longing for more 'kitsch' you can throw in Sal de Gusano-- .most of the time I see that left behind), but what I see consumed 'en masse' is Mezcal and Orange slices.
A supple and perfect pair. So this #4 Thirsty Thursday is what I drink every chance I get--no name for service . . . It is a measure of Mezcal (Mina Real)--in your vessel of choice (mine was a gourd shell I got in Oaxaca), and slices of Orange--enjoy!

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