Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tequila Tuesday #7: Cimarron Reposado . . .

The day has been long and I will happily settle for a shot of Cimarron with a chaser...

This is a lovely tequila that you probably can't get . . . It is for the "well" of your 'better' drinking establishments . . . Some day, they may make it available to us. It is so delicious, layered and structured; lets cross our fingers. . ..

I used sparkling wine as my chaser, but any number of beers, juices or Sangritas' would work. This picture is with a dark lager . . ..

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I would like to thank the importer Haas Brothers, follow them on facebook here...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thirsty Thursday #6: Breakers Bourbon Batch 2

Well since Breakers Bourbon batch 2 (click for more info) has been out for a bit, I was afraid it was going to sell out before I posted my humble review. So Thirsty Thursday #6 it is!
I am fan. I looked at Batch 1 here . . and was pleased!

It still shines with classic bourbon character that is to be relished or utilized in a spirit forward beverage to diplay all of its awesome nuance. It is not really that different than batch one from my notes, but I didn't save any of batch 1 (or 2 for that matter) to do a side by side.
The aromas lead caramelized citrus notes, dark wood and candied grains, creamy vanilla and baked stone fruit.
The flavor display a dry, daedal showing of oak structure that is deeper, but still familiar without reaching for the supple aromas until the mid-palate.
The finish dawdles, lumbering deliberately with oak spice, tiger basil, bee blossom, toasted fennel as the lovely flavors and aromas, are shown again to slowly fade.
Great bourbon, like I mentioned not totally different, but definitely deeper.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thirsty Thursday #5: Navazos Pallazi Single Cask, Jerez Brandy, Solera Gran Reserva, Fino Cask

'Thirsty Thursday #5" is a treat, we are going to look at an amazing Spanish Brandy, the 2013 Navazos-Palazzi Single Cask Spanish Brandy release: Jerez Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Fino Cask (click for the technical info, and where to find it . . .).

This brandy is completely unmanipulated, no additives, unfiltered and the perfect representation of the truest, purest, layered elegance possible in, Spanish Brandy. This Brandy could -EASILY- be counted among the finest in the world.
Here I will present my tasting notes, if you get a chance to try this--DO NOT HESITATE. I have tasted (and finished) bottle 30 out of only 720. That is it, after that there is no more-of this offering. It is a singular, exceptional demonstration of a magnificently crafted spirit.

The nose shines with brilliant sign of being well aged with the fruit and wood bound inexorably; beginning at candied greengage & Mirabelle plums, walnut, pecan, delicate nutmeg and canella with elegant oak intricacies that evoke an urgent desire to taste. With a time the aromas continue to evolve showing maderized peach, baked apricots, quince and supple Sultana dusted with fresh spice.
The palate entry is oily, starting with a creamy demonstration of the aromas that intricately reveal nuance after nuance culminating at the fresh baking spice on the back palate stirring a vibrant, invigorating transition into the finish.

The dawdling finish wafts flavor after flavor demonstrating a magnificent depth that drifts dreamily away to a cleansing, sophisticated and graceful finale.

This is unparalleled Brandy of incredibly exquisite quality, some of the finest I have ever tasted. *Tasted on four separate occasions in various glassware

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