Monday, December 2, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday #4 Imperial Fizz Variation

So for "Whiskey Wednesday" #4 we are going to put together an old classic, the "Imperial Fizz Variation". A Fizz is basically an extension of a sour by adding bubbly water. Traditionally, the sour part of the fizz is shaken to chill and blend the spirit / sour /sweetener, strained into a highball glass and topped with (hopefully cold) soda water. No ice, no muss, no fuss --just warm day refreshment.

The "Imperial Fizz Variation" only changes that recipe a bit: 1. It adds a couple of Ice cubes. 2. The real winner here is: It adds Sparkling Wine instead of Soda water---POW!

Presumably that is why the ice is added. When the Sparkling wine is added this becomes a refreshing long drink to savor, instead of a fortified, bracing, thirst quencher.

So that explains why it is called the "Imperial Fizz", but really why 'Variation'?
There is another drink that popped up a little earlier with the same name. By the time these 2 names ran into each other, they were both fairly established and since the other drink was 1st, this one got to be the 'Variation'. They are in the same family and share a couple of ingredients, but ultimately very different.
Imperial Fizz Variation

1 1/2 oz Cyrus Noble Bourbon
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp sugar

Shake in iced cocktail shaker & strain into a highball glass with some ice
Top with sparkling wine (I used Cristalino Cava--again)

Cyrus Noble Bourbon.

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