Monday, December 2, 2013

Mezcal Monday #2: Drinks with Mina Real Silver . . .

If you missed Mezcal Monday #1 in which I waxed eloquently about Mina Real just click Mezcal Monday #1 . . .

So for the first drink . . .I am going super simple.
Mina Real Sour

2 Oz Mina Real Silver (The repo is good for this too, but I will save that for another post)
1 Oz Fresh Lime juice (or lemon . .)
1/2-3/4 Oz of simple syrup.

Shake with ice, strain onto fresh ice and relax. . . It's Mezcal Monday.

I didn't think of this before I took the picture, but You could garnish it with the spent citrus or a fresh wedge (I used lemon, but lime would be a 'tarter' version of delicious).

For the 2nd drink, staying simple
. . . so easy, so tasty!

Buenos Tiempos

1 1/2 Oz
Mina Real Silver

3/4 Oz Bianco / Blanc Vermouth

 Stir and strain into coupe
Garnish with 'juicy' cherry (I used 'Chukka')

Oh yeah and don't forget . . .
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Special thanks to their importer Haas Brothers.