Monday, December 16, 2013

Mezcal Monday #1: Mina Real Silver

Mina Real Silver is from a traditional Oaxacan palenque with an 11 generation history of distillers creating mezcal with nothing but all natural ingredients and expert technique.
What makes Mina Real (check out the link, great info that I didn't want to repeat) different is a step in a new direction for mezcal; the agave has been steam roasted in low pressure Oaxacan cantera stone kilns to punctuate the intrinsic attributes of the agave itself, without the influence of smoke found in wood-fire roasted agave.
The ferment is long and occurs with the honey from the baked agave intact with the crushed agave fibers in wooden vats.
After the fermentation is complete the wash is double distilled in ceramic pots that are also produced locally for a classic earthiness and character.

The aroma shows light pepper, tight fruit (citrus, loquat and quince), fried bread, beeswax, nuts, green plantain, carnauba wax, bright minerals and kilned ceramics.
The flavors begin at the aromas, evolving to include tomatillo and bell pepper in a rounded, structured sweetness that is deliberate and vibrant.
The finish displays the flavors/aromas with white pepper lingering to a clean and crisp finale.

This is awesome to sip neat, especially with sangrita and it is amazing in cocktails.

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Tune in next week for Mezcal Monday and I will show you a few cocktails with Mina Real Silver.

You can also check out and follow Mina Real on Facebook here, and on twitter here . . .. Special thanks to their importer Haas Brothers.