Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Papa's Pilar

Papa's Pilar have a couple of new delicious rums that literally hit on every point with absolute excellence.
First off: The story. Named after Ernest Hemingway's boat, the Pilar, these two rums are a Solera blend of rums from all over the Caribbean. The Hemingway family is planning on donating 100% of all their profits straight into organizations that promote adventure, literacy and conservation--things that were important to Hemingway and that still are to his heirs.
Secondarily: Packaging--seriously, do I even need to say anything. These look fantastic.
Thirdly: The spirits inside are absolutely incredible.
Papa's Pilar Blonde begins with aromas bursting with a basket of fresh cut citrus--key lime, tangerine, grapefruit with notes of blossoms and vanilla. On the palate these aromas persist but are overtaken by creamy rich, butter marzipan, divinity and dried pineapple. The finish again builds to resolve on nuts with hints of the flavors and aromas delicately dancing away.
The Papa's Pilar 24 Dark begins on the nose with coffee, steamed milk, honey, cinnamon, toasted nuts, vanilla, chocolate, sweet tea, dried fruits and all kinds of other yummy smells. The palate shows all of this but in a drier, more complex manner it is very elegant and well structured. The finish lingers for an eternity while furtively attempting to reveal all of the niceties that you have just enjoyed.
And for the fourth point: Great, unified, cohesive marketing with a fun website and everything you could usually only dream of getting in one brand.

So there... It is not everywhere, but it will be. Want to be among the first to see Papa's Pilar? Come to Miami Rum Renaissance 2013.

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