Friday, March 15, 2013


Brand spanking new bourbon. I am drinking from Batch # 1 and it was bottled just last Sunday (3/10/2013)--That is new (today is the 15th and I tasted it for the first time a couple days ago.).
It is a small batch of 8 barrels bottled by a new distillery in Beullton (by Santa Ynez). This is found Bourbon (distilled elsewhere) but I have been assured that Ascendant Spirits in Buellton has every intention of distilling their own bourbon. This bourbon is just a stop gap to whet peoples whistle in anticipation of their own distillate and doggone if it does a great job doing it.
Classic bourbon aromas lead with candied grains, citrus vanilla and fruit. The flavor follow in a dryer, more complex demonstration with enough alcohol to push all the flavors across the palate (45%). The finish lingers graciously showing spice, mint and herbs while restating the gorgeous aromas and flavors from before. This is great bourbon, give it a try.