Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vya Sweet Vermouth

[V y a] Vermouth you ask? Vya Sweet Vermouth begins as a blend of Tempranillo and Orange Muscat wines. It is then hand infused at the Quady Winery with a selection of over seventeen herbs and spices. The botanicals come from the parts of plants where the energy is concentrated: seeds, skins, bark, and roots. It is these constituents that balance between the bitter components and the sweetness. In Vya Sweet Vermouth this balance is amazing. The aromas show cinnamon, verbena, berries, damiana, nutmeg, white flowers, orange & lemon blossoms, chamomile, cloves, ginger, meringue and orange zest in a manner that is completely inviting. The tastes follows the nose with an intricate complexity that resolves on a endearing bitterness. The finish builds from the flavors and settles quick with immaculately layered, elegant spices lingering. Try this neat, chilled, on ice, with a twist, in sparkling wine, with soda water or in any cocktail.