Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Martini & Rossi Rosato

The newest addition to the Martini & Rossi line of aromatized / fortified wines is Rosato and its inspiration was directly from the personal tasting notes of Luigi Rossi, one of the house’s legendary namesakes. Crafted by artisans armed with these notes, an impeccable blend of red & white wines and Mediterranean botanicals something original was created to grace us with a delicious extension of a beloved apertivo category. Aromas meld, displaying fresh smashed grapes, cinnamon, raspberry, lemon and citrus that are magnified by a multitude of blossoms supported by spicy back-notes of cloves, nutmeg and quinine. To carry on from the aromas there is a lovely structure and bitterness that starts at the fruits and balanced by the spicy bitter tones. The finish is tart, vigorous, long and immanently interesting. The fragile properties of Rosato induce perceptive attention and awareness in the palate preparing you for the evening meal or afternoon delights. Try this neat, chilled, on ice, with a twist / slash of soda or in a lovely cocktail.