Wednesday, February 6, 2013

La Pinta Pomegranate Tequila Liqueur Pinta has changed their look but kept the liqueur as wonderful as ever. La Pinta (named apparently after the first ship in Columbus' group of 3 to see the new world) represents the union between the “old & new” worlds. They begin with excellent Clase Azul Tequila that is infused with the juice from a 'myriad' of Pomegranates, that are then aged for a full 12 months to allow the flavors to meld and reach the amazing balance of tart / sweet / earthy that we expect from LaPinta. The aromas are pure unadulterated pomegranate—subtle, earthy and tart, but with a bright sweetness. On the palate these scents are attained and transcended with the greatest of ease: tart, tangy, lovely fresh pomegranate—that is so clean and sapid that it bursts with juicy ripe fruit. As the flavors of fruit quietly pass, the scrumptious flavors of illustrious Clase Azul shows. La Pinta is unbelievable, enjoy it chilled, as an aperitif or in a cocktail.