Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hardy Pineau des Charente 'Le Coq D'Or'

PINEAU CHAR.HARDY 750Hardy began in 1863, with a gentleman named Anthony Hardy, who became so taken with the Cognac region that he packed up everything and moved. He established himself as a purveyor of the highest quality wines and spirits, but what he was most connected to and the only product that bears his family name is Hardy Cognac. Hardy is synonymous with superior Cognac and that is recognized the world over. Their Pineaudes Charente is called Le Coq D'Or and it is named after the Hardy family crest “The Golden Rooster”. The first thing you see when visiting an old world ch√Ęteau is the family crest over the doorway and Le Coq D'Or is the perfect greeting for a guest. It is made by adding cognac to grape juice before it could ferment and then the mistelle is aged to concentrate the flavors and allow them to evolve as they meld. The nose shows grape juice (concentrated), golden raisins, quince and delicate spice. The flavors are exactly what you expect from smelling with the addition of honey soaked bran and persimmon. The lovely flavors and clean mouth-feel are a fruity graciousness ready to be shared. The finish is crisp, refreshing and clean. This is perfectly enjoyable to drink, it is rich, fruity and the consummate offering for any occasion. Have it chilled, on ice, with a twist or in a delectable cocktail.