Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christian Drouin Coeur de Lion Pommeau de Normandie

Pommeau de normandie
This is a connoisseurs treasure. So much so. that Robert Parker said: “Never have I been so enchanted by a before drink as this”. That sounds like fair praise to me. Christian Drouin Coeur de Lion Pommeaude Normandie is a delicate blend of young Calvados with un-fermented apple juice. After fortifying the apple juice it (with the Calvados) are aged a minimum age of 14 months in oak barrels (for the Appellation rules.); Christian Drouin's Pommeau, is aged 3 or 4 years to achieve a more integrated balance with no alcohol showing. The nose reveals an ebullience of fruit characteristics, starting at concentrated apple juice, blossoms soaked in honey and evolving to caramel and dark wood. The taste display the aromas, but not as sweet as implied by the scents and immanently much more complex. It also shows delicate spices and herbs dancing in the juicy sweetness—so delicious. The finish carries all this in a clean, full and lingering display. Try this neat, chilled, with food, before food, with blue cheese, melons, dark chocolate... you get the idea.