Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boissiere Sweet Vermouth

BoissiereSweet Vermouth is made from a recipe developed in 1857. Originally, Boissiere was French brand of vermouth made in the Chambéry region, in 1971, seeking a new home, the brand relocated to the other side of Mt Blanc to Turin Italy; so, this vermouth can claim two of the “capitols” of vermouth as it home. Vermouth begins with a neutral, dry white wine (generally) which is then blend in an eau de vie that has been infused with a special selection of herbs, flowers, fruit peels, seeds, plants and whatever botanicals needed to achieve its specific and distinct attributes. The addition of the eau de vie infused with the 'singular botanical recipe' into the wine makes vermouth an 'aromatized'-'fortified' wine. With sweet vermouth caramelized sugar is then added to achieve desired sweetness and color. In Boissiere, the aromas start at clean flowers, marjoram, coriander, citrus, chamomile, cake, clove, herbal and hints of nutmeg. The flavor articulately follows the aromas awash in a well integrated sweetness. All of this leads to a lean, fresh finish. Try this in any cocktail that calls for sweet vermouth, with soda water, on ice, with a twist or neat with a meal.