Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amaro Meletti

 In 1870 Silvio Meletti started the company because he wanted to make a 'local' anise liqueur to compete with or even excel over the best products made elsewhere. With diligent application to learning, research and experimentation, Silvio formulated advanced methods and tools to aid in his endeavor. Sourcing outstanding ingredients and tenaciously refining his techniques he landed on many fantastic recipes and this Amaro is one that stands out. Today, his descendants continue to select the finest herbs and botanicals for their products —to the point of even growing many of the ingredients on their own estate. Since 1873, Meletti has produced this deeply accessible amaro that reveals profound floral characteristics of violets, fennel and saffron supported by caramel, cinnamon, cardamom and anise. The herbs and botanicals are cold-extracted through percolation, heat is avoided to hold the bitter -to- flavor ratio under better control. Meletti Amaro is a deliciously redolent digestivo that is mild enough to work as a grander aperitvo—overall an excellent introduction to the world an Amaro (which, to over simplify, translates into 'bitter'). It is first-class after a meal to aid digestion, over ice with orange, or soda (as an aperitif) and it is deliciously mixable in a cocktail.

If you are in, or around Santa Ana on June 6th, starting at 8:30, stop by Memphis Cafe, at the Santora for Jazz Night and Craft Cocktails, featuring Meletti Amaro with Matteo Meletti himself in attendance.