Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Rum Story, by Kelly Patterson

Here is another Rum story, this one is from Kelly Patterson. I asked if i could share it with you, and here it is:

A Rum Story, by Kelly Patterson.

My favorite rum stories involve our elderly relatives, particularly my mother-in-law.  87-years-old and in dubious health, she is still never one to turn down a well made cocktail.  She keeps up with any cocktail-related stories in her newspapers, since she knows we're interested, and because she doesn't get out much these days my husband and I try to bring the cocktail experience to her.  Mai Tais are often on the menu and she has a special connection to Trader Vic's since she and her late husband celebrated their engagement at Trader Vic's in New York City in 1963.  She kept the swizzle stick she got that night and, when friends came over the first time my husband made her Mai Tais, she took great relish in telling everyone "It's what they serve at TRADER VIC'S!"  It was interesting to note that not a single senior turned down the drinks that night!  Rum: it bridges the generations.

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I love that story--Mai Tais are on the menu and Rum: it bridges generations--indeed.