Friday, March 9, 2012

A gift . . .

So yesterday, around 8:45AM, a FedEx driver knocked on my door. He carried a box that screamed "SAMPLE". I love that sight . . .!
So i signed, and opened the box . . . it was a 375 of Breckenridge Spiced Rum; which is something they only do once a year- a gift shop treasures - with no distribution . . . so totally a treat!

So, i was giddy: I'll admit it-- I love to taste stuff most people don't / won't /can't . . .I love being an insider . . ..

Included was a note / card . . . so I looked . . .

Before i go on, I met a couple of big-shots from Breckenridge last week. They were cool, i jabbed and joked with them--they were awesome, charming and Breckenridge makes delectable Bourbon and "better than the rest" Vodka so i was glad... Cool people with great products.. WIN--WIN!

One of the bigwigs was Maya (West Coast / International Sales--la de da . .) . . . and we joked around the most..She was very cool.
So back to the beginning . . Maya sent me this rare rum, after being cool and making the best new bourbon I've tasted in a while (HUGE!), so i am pumped.
And this is the card . . ..

Wow Maya. . .WELL PLAYED!

If you know me . . .You know i laughed, and laughed.. and told people the story, and laughed. . ..
The moral of this story is drink great spirits and it can be easy to have fun, and remember "something to put in your mouth other than smart ass remarks.". . .

I am saving the rum to share with my fellow Rum XP's at Miami Rum Renaissance, so I'll tell you about it later...