Wednesday, February 8, 2012

St. George Spirits Gins . . .

St. George Spirits has done it again! The team at St. George Spirit, lead by Lance Winters seem to have unrelenting forward momentum and consistently surprise with the quality and character of their products. So when they announced they were making gin I was deeply excited, but when I found out that they were launching 3 simultaneously . . . I'll admit that I was skeptical.
The first taste of this wonderful line up drove those doubts away. Each gin is a unique formulation filling a specific flavor profile exquisitely. What they all have in common is their ingredients are all selected to display special characteristics from locally foraged botanicals that like Douglas fir, wild fennel, coastal sage, wild coastal California juniper berries, coyote mint and California bay laurel, that and they are all delicious. Every Gin demonstrates remarkable dimension while displaying the terroir and the attitude of the Bay Area by utilizing indigenous flora and select sourced botanicals to create each elegant, well structured spirit. Oh, and the labels, artwork and bottles are all cool too.

Terroir--Mt. Tam Gin
A tribute to the aromatic beauty of Northern California landscape. The botanical formula intricately weaves woodsy, earthy aromas into a lovely demonstration or pine, citrus, eucalyptus, sage, spruce, fennel, evergreen, cardamom and laurel testify to this tribute inviting you to drink it in. The flavors wildly follow the aromas and follow through to a crisp clean finish.

Botanivore Gin
The whopping 19 botanicals distilled into this gin consort into tapestry of daedal citrus, herbal, floral aromas that include juniper, caraway, ginger, bay laurel, fennel, dill, coriander and a myriad of supporting scents to entice and amaze. A menagerie of flavors merge these aromas as an organization of purpose, building a crisp-clean revelation of taste in a bright, complex palate.

Dry Rye Gin
Dry Rye base spirit with twice as much juniper as the other gins—this is like genever on bad-ass. Big scents of rye new-make with huge juniper, spice, fleshy citrus, caraway, pepper and woody, earth subtleties are terrifyingly intriguing. At first the flavors are disarming—I wasn't quite sure if I liked it, but as I chewed on it, this gin shined a glorious malty goodness that now I officially love.