Sunday, January 29, 2012

Truly the Envy of Angel's . . .

Angel's Envy is the blossoming vision of a Whiskey Icon--Lincoln Henderson. Lincoln, after his long and illustrious tenure at the top of the Whiskey world, wanted to do something different, something new, something special enough for him to put his signature on the bottle.
Cue Angel's Envy:
Angel’s Envy begins as Bourbon, aged between 4 - 6 years, hand selected and blended by Lincoln then placed into a port cask to secondarily age for 3 - 6 months utilizing a technique from the Old World that is amplified by Kentucky's fluctuating climate. The times vary. This is again where the touch of the master is shown. It isn't ready, until it is ready and Lincoln has the final say. The aromas of this whiskey begin at caramel, fruits stewed with maple, chocolate drizzled berries and candied nuts then carry on into a maze of lucullan oak niceties. The scents are where you begin to see the vision for this whiskey--BALANCE. Every nuanced characteristic checks against another, which in turn is checked by another nuance that ultimately results in a equilibrium that is deeply impressive. The flavor starts by demonstrating the aromas and build to include cinnamon, clove, nutmeg along with fresh plums, quince and syrupy berries including the dried/candied fruits found in the scents. The finish shows lingering, daedal flavors of maple, supple spice, chewy treacle, vanilla and creamy caramel. This delectable whiskey is opulently unfiltered and perfect to relish; try it neat, with a splash of water or with an ice cube.
So that's the great whiskey, now about the man. . . Words fail.
Lincoln hard at work . .;)
I had the privileged of meeting and sharing a meal with this noble statesman and his intellect, charm, affability were only overpowered by his kind friendliness and incomprehensible humility. His character shows in his whiskey, have one and toast with me a truly great champion of whiskey.
At this lunch were a couple of Lincoln's partners in crime: Samira Seiller, "Sam"--is a gem, her knowledge of whiskey is startling. My pal Dave spent our whole lunch together grilling her for secret information (which she is a fount of) while I hung out with Lincoln. And then there is Lincoln's local partner, and all around good guy, my buddy Dan Hagendorn who spent lunch trying to soak up both conversations.