Friday, January 6, 2012

Panamonte 25 Year Old Rum.

Panamonte is an artifact created by world-renowned, Cuban born (and trained), Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. Don Pancho personally selected and inspected each one of the American Oak Barrels used for the aging. The rum is made 100% from molasses fermented with a special yeast created and blended by Don Pancho himself. This 100% REAL 25 YEAR OLD RUM. It was monitored by Don Pancho every 3-6 months until it reached perfection. So since the very beginning Panamonte conception, Don Pancho envisioned it to be a very special product . . . A testament his life's work . . . A manifestation of his years of experience and skill utilizing the finest, specially selected Panamanian rum: One taste and you will know that his goal was wondrously achieved.

Aromas: The aromas are elegant, delicate sweet tea, honey, creamy - baked plantains, cinnamon, moist dates, sultanas, pecan, fig, overripe plum and mahogany. There is something so stately, regal and somehow inviting about the aromas.

Taste: The taste display the tea again but this time in the background along side, mild hints of lovely maple glazed, clove and nutmeg or caramels with sea salt, lightly roasted nuts leather and clean tobacco. Right at the back plate there is supple, bold  statement of peach that leads you into the finish.

Finish: The exquisite, gracious mouth-feel fades to finish clean exposing showing more of the peach with supple  demonstrations of each flavors ethereally restating themselves with a adorable addition of cocoa nib.

Panamonte has an elegance that lingers to reveals a sapidity that is luscious and leaves you with a kind invitation for more, this is a beautiful achievement and gorgeous rum.

This another excellent offering from PILSA and thanks to Don Pancho and my good friend Carlos E. Esquivel G [Executive Director at PILSA]... Here is a picture of both of them it was taken last year when they were visiting for Miami Rum Renaissance (which is coming up again on April 16th --April 22..and a great way to meat cool people like this, learn about Rum and have Rum emphasized fun!)