Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greylock Gin

Hand crafted in small batches at Berkshire Mountain Distillers, GreylockGin is a classy, classic American Dry Gin of prodigious character. Focused aromas of spice, sweet evergreen, creamy angelica, candied lemon zest, flowers and pulpy juniper are balanced and poised tantalizing you to taste. The palate proceeds with the implied scents, bringing the juniper to the front, and adding to its dimension flavors of cinnamon, dandelion, celery root and nuances of light orange zest. The finish is clean, round, vibrant, herbaceous and tingling with bright spice. Enjoy this in a sexy cocktail or a refreshing long drink.
i love this in:
6 Parts (1 1/2 Oz) Greylock Gin
3 Part (3/4 Oz) Carpano Antiqua Sweet Vermouth
3 Part (3/4 Oz) Stock 84 VSOP Brandy
1 Part (1/4 Oz) Stock Apricot Liqueur

i am sorry...

I guess i'll keep up with the infrequent posts.Happy Holidays.