Friday, June 3, 2011

Glenlivet 1997 - Coopers Choice

Glenlivet 1997 - Coopers Choice (Vintage Malt Whisky Co)
Glenlivet 1997 - Coopers Choice is another sample / possible gem that i got from Master of Malt from their 'Drinks by the Dram' program. i am always interested in trying an independent bottling to see how they stand up / differ from the distillery offerings.
This is a single cask bottling is from Coopers Choice (an independent i had previously been unfamiliar with). It was distilled in 1997 at the Glenlivet distillery. i tried to find out for sure (my bottle didn't have the info), but i think that it was aged for 12 years in a hogshead--at least that is the best info i can find.

Glenlivet is a classic Speyside distillery that has  been around forever, wikipedia has a nice history of it here. . .

Tasting Notes:
Leading scent of stewed pears, straw, honey, flaky pastry, heather, toasty cereal, peaches, oak resin, baking spices and apples slices are a full and tempting demonstration of 'the best-of' aromas from Glenlivet.

The flavors follow the nose with the front palate emphasizing the fruit building to add peach to the orchard and the back palate emphasizing the spice (cassia, nutmeg, coriander and pepper) with a decided flourish of toasty oak

The finish is malty with golden raisins, spice and a vigorous warmth.

This single barrel bottling is a generous, classic demonstration of Glenlivet Single Malt. If you are already a fan this wont disappoint, if you are not a fan it may sway you.
i am going out on a limb to say that this was not Chilled-Filtered and was not caramel colored (my interweb, she has hidden the answer from me) which really makes a difference to the palate weight, structure, density and range of available flavors. This would be a fun side by side with the 12 Year Old distillery bottling to compare. If you do the test let me know your thoughts.
3cl Bottle

i'll say it again i am completely impressed by this idea that Masters of Malt have come up with in their 'Drinks by the Dram' program is awesome and they have an amazing selection of things to try check it out. Here is what my Glenlivet 1997 looked like: